In 1961 John E. Gardner had an idea to purchase a small, failing aluminum storm window manufacturing company called Custom Built Aluminium Mfg Co. Through decades of hard work and a commitment to customer service, he was able to create a successful and strong reputation for the Rhode Island-based business.

In a few short years, Custom Built Aluminium Mfg Co. launched its first line of storm doorsand porch enclosures to fulfill the growing needs of its customers. Finding a desire to replace old wood windows of the past, Custom Built also introduced its first line of aluminium replacement windows and, thus setting a precedent of a company committed to creating innovative products specifically designed to benefit the needs of the customer.

In 1979, they introduced New England homeowners to Custom Built’s signature Point 1 Storm Window, which remain to this day, one of the highest quality, energy efficient windows in its class. A new standard of quality was set, and with it a desire to become a “one stop shop” for all window and door needs was born.

With the 1980s came innovation and the introduction of vinyl windows, which are more commonly seen today. Custom Built immediately set out to acquire and master the technology and equipment necessary to manufacture the best vinyl windows on the market. A new name, Custom Built Window and Door Systems, was introduced to better reflect the larger scope of products and services available to consumers.

The 1990’s brought, new product offerings like Entrance Doors, Woodgrain Laminating andArchitectural Shapes expanded their reach, and helped cement them with contractors and homeowners alike as a necessary partner in many new construction and home improvement projects.

Through both economic booms and downturns, Custom Built has continued its strong growth and reputation in the New England Market by combining a commitment to clients’ needs with the best products available. With a third generation of Gardners entering the family business, new products like the Polar Guard and Energex series windows continued the tradition of innovation and quality that are the backbone of Custom Built Window and Door Systems.