Our JLC Display

JLC Live starts this week, and we’re getting our last minute things together before the show. In addition, we wanted to give you guys an idea of what to look forward to when you come visit us at booth 436 (don’t forget!).

We’re bringing our Energex and Polar Guard vinyl window displays, something you’ll recognize if you’ve visited our showroom recently. We’ll also have our aluminum Point 1 series window to show, a great product for any historic renovation. The display I’m most excited about though is the aluminum porch enclosure we’re bringing. We’re going to have a full-size, operable porch enclosure for you guys to see and play around with. This is a unique product, and bringing it to the show allows contractors and distributors, who may not have a great deal of exposure to the product but would be interested in adding it their product offerings, a great way to see a unit fully constructed with many of the available options. Seeing is believing, as the saying goes.

So we’ll be at the Convention Center in Providence Friday and Saturday for the exhibit portion of the show. Make sure you stop by and see us!


  1. Nevada Windows and Doors says

    Interesting porch enclosure! Hope that went well with your prospects at the exhibit!

    • Johnny says

      Thanks for stopping by! Yes, the porch enclosure was a big hit and we had a number of contractors interested in offering such a product to their customers.

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