Shower and Tub Enclosures

In years past, a bathroom was just viewed as a utility. Now, bathrooms are considered as important as kitchens in the home. As such, homeowners have gone to the extreme when it comes to their bathrooms. The desire for the utmost in quality and style has been a driving force behind a large increase in bath remodels, as well as the popularity of new shower designs.

3 Styles: Framed, Semi-frameless and Frameless

Framed shower units are the classic shower units with a heavy aluminum frame and typically have obscure or aquatex glass, 1/8″ thick. These units are available in swing or sliding style.

Semi-frameless units typically use 1/4″ tempered glass with minimal support framing. These units are available in swing, slide or neo-angle.


Frameless units use 3/8″ thick tempered glass with extra heavy-duty hinges and little to no framework. These units are available in a swing-style only.


Though clear glass is the most popular in the semi-frameless and frameless shower units, there are additional glass styles and frame color options available.