Screen Mesh


As technology has evolved, so has the standard screen. With a variety of options available at Custom Built Window and Door Systems, you no longer have to settle for unsightly glare or screen that won’t stand up to your family’s lifestyle. Today there are many products that aim to make the screen a more functional part of your new window or door products. Whether it’s PetScreen for your sliding patio door or BetterVue for your screen enclosure, you can customize your screen to fit your home’s custom style and needs.

Here are some of the options available:


The classic screenwire aluminum has been used in window screens for as long as windows have been manufactured. It’s a mesh that is tear-resistant and an excellent value for those on a budget.

  • Charcoal finish reduces glare.
  • Offers good outward visibility.
  • Weather resistant finish.
  • Offers good air ventilation.


Fiberglass is quickly replacing aluminum as the default screenwire for use in manufacturing. Since it has no memory and is a cloth material, this screen will not dent or rust. Increase the life of your screens and make sure they are as durable and long-lasting as your new window or doors.

  • Charcoal finish reduces glare.
  • Offers good outward visibility.
  • Will not dent, rust, corrode or stain.
  • Offers good air ventilation.


While you love your pets like family, they can sometimes cause costly repairs and damage to parts of your home. Your patio sliding screen doors are no exception. Stop replacing screens and ensure your pets and children are safe where they belong with Petscreen. Perfect for products that are easily susceptible to pet damage, it’s most popular in patio sliding door screens and storm doors, but has been used in a variety of other applications.

  • Resists damage by pets.
  • Made of a strong, vinyl-coated polyester (seven times stronger than traditional mesh).
  • Also functions as heavy-duty insect screening.
  • Good outward visibility.


A relative newcomer to the screenwire market, BetterVue uses a finer fiberglass mesh to reduce its perceived appearance. Though the mesh is thinner, BetterVue’s openings are 30% smaller and 5% more open than your standard screenwire. Keep even the tiniest of insect out without sacrificing those beautiful views of the outdoors. This screenwire is most commonly used on porch enclosures where outward visibility is greatly desired.

  • Excellent visibility from inside improves the outward view.
  • Better curb appeal when viewed from the street.
  • Excellent insect protection.
  • Improved airflow over traditional fiberglass or aluminum wire.


There is nothing more enjoyable than sitting outside on a perfect day, until your nice time is interrupted by irritating insects and bugs. Don’t be forced to give up your outdoor space and achieve relief from the exasperating flies known as no-see-ums. This 20×20 mesh offers superior protection against those pesky insects and allows you to achieve greater comfort and enjoyment out of your porches, patios, and homes.

  • Excellent protection from small insects.
  • Provides daytime privacy.
  • Good outward visibility.