Super Spacer


sustainaviewA spacer is a component used in the manufacturing process of a window that separates and seals the panes of glass in an insulated glass unit (IG). The most common material used as a spacer is aluminum. The major downside to aluminum, and all spacers that contain metal, is that the metal acts as a conductor of heat and cold, working against the purpose of the window. That’s where Super Spacer shines.

No-Metal Foam Spacer

superspacerUnlike other warm-edge spacers which perform better than aluminum but still contain metal, the 100% foam spacer used in Super Spacer removes the metal conductor, and has a better U-Value than metal spacers, which helps slow the transfer of heat and cold through the window. By slowing heat transfer, it helps lower your utility bills because you use less energy, and it helps limit condensation from forming on your glass. Additionally, Super Spacer has a built-in adhesive, forming a secondary seal on the glass. This extends the life of the IG and more effectively traps in gases like Argon, which Custom Built uses in its windows. All this leads to a very high-performance spacer system which will last longer than traditional aluminum spacer systems.

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