Polar Guard Series


Polar GuardReplace your old, drafty windows with our highest quality, Polar Guard Series windows. With more 30 years of innovation, Polar Guard windows are easy to operate, energy efficient, and aesthetically pleasing.

Highest Quality Construction

  • Each Polar Guard window is custom-made by experienced craftsmen for the specific needs of your home.
  • Time tested installation and manufacturing techniques assure a perfect fit.
  • Rugged, fusion-welded, multi-chambered, sash and master frame components provide uncompromised structural integrity and optimal thermal efficiency

Peak Performance

  • Thermal ratings as low as U-0.22 (R-5).
  • Dual seal sash weatherstripping minimizes air infiltration.
  • Structural ratings up to H-R50 or H-LC50 (reinforced).
  • Polar Guard windows qualify for applicable Federal Tax Credits (when glazed with Low E + Argon + Super Spacer®).

Maintenance Free

  • Polar Guard windows never need painting and never chip, peel, warp, or rust.

Easy to Operate and Clean

  • Eliminate unsightly screw handles with our easy lift, integrated handles.
  • Double hung style windows feature tilt-in top and bottom sashes for easy, safe cleaning from the inside.
  • Slider style window sashes easily lift out for cleaning.
  • The silky smooth vinyl finish wipes clean with ordinary household cleaners.


  • Innovative three-way cam action lock and interlock systems offer additional security and peace of mind.
  • Extra added security night latch means you can keep them open at night without having to worry.
  • Dual Locking screen bolts provide added security.

Thermal Performance

Panes Glazing Gas Spacer U-Value SHGC R-Value
Double Low-E Air Aluminum 0.35 0.31 2.86
Double Low-E Argon Super Spacer 0.29 0.30 3.45
Triple Low-E Argon Super Spacer 0.22 0.28 5.00 (eq)

Glass Options

  • Low-E, Argon and Super Spacer for maximum thermal efficiency
  • Colonial, Prairie or Diamond Grids available between the panes of glass for ease of cleaning
  • Custom Grid designs are also available


All Polar Guard products are built to order and are available in the following product types:

  • Double Hung
  • Double Slider
  • Triple Slider
  • Hopper
  • Picture Window (fixed)

Color Options

  • Soft-white vinyl in and out

Polar Guard Window Gallery

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